Episode 19 | Pitching

A good pitch can make the difference between success and failure in business. Victoria and Scott share their best tips.

Episode 18 | Sleep

Entrepreneurs are notorious for burning the midnight oil. Scott and Victoria share their best sleep hacks to get the most of your waking hours.

Episode 17 | Networking

Actionable strategies for people on both ends of the social spectrum to get the most out of networking.

Episode 16 | Systems

Victoria and Scott talk through how to systemize your business, and why systems are critical for growth

Episode 15 | Dealing with People

Dealing with people well can make a huge difference in your business. Scott and Victoria talk through the best practices for dealing with different kinds of people.

Episode 14 | Pick a Business

Victoria and Scott go over the important things to consider when deciding what business you should start.

Episode 13 | Risk

Scott and Vitoria offer tips on how to assess the level of risk you’re comfortable in your business.

Episode 12 | Investors

Scott and Victoria bust the myths and talk reality about getting investors for your new business.

Episode 11 | Workaholism

How do you deal with being a workaholic? Scott and Victoria share their tips—they’re not what you think!

Episode 10 | Inspiration

Victoria and Scott run through several quick tips for getting inspired to start your business.

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