Episode 14 | Pick a Business

Victoria and Scott go over the important things to consider when deciding what business you should start.

Episode 13 | Risk

Scott and Vitoria offer tips on how to assess the level of risk you’re comfortable in your business.

Episode 12 | Investors

Scott and Victoria bust the myths and talk reality about getting investors for your new business.

Episode 11 | Workaholism

How do you deal with being a workaholic? Scott and Victoria share their tips—they’re not what you think!

Episode 10 | Inspiration

Victoria and Scott run through several quick tips for getting inspired to start your business.

Episode 9 | Fatal Flaws

Every entrepreneur has one or more fatal flaws that cripple their business. What’s yours?

Episode 8 | Strengths

Scott and Victoria talk about how to figure out your strengths and weaknesses—a critical task when starting your own business.

Episode 7 | WooWoo

Scott and Victoria discuss how much—if at all—it benefits an entrepreneur to believe in all the non-scientific, feel-good stuff.

Episode 6 | Work Life Balance

How do entrepreneurs find the right balance between work time and free time? Victoria and Scott spell it out.

Episode 5 | Passion

Victoria and Scott bust the myths on passion and how critical it is when starting a new business.

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