Episode 30 | Shame

How can you turn shame into an asset when business isn’t going well?

Episode 29 | Self-Care

A look at routines that help keep successful entrepreneurs in the best physical, mental, and spiritual shape 

Episode 28 | Confidence

How do you get instant confidence when they need it? Confidence is vital when starting a new business, so Scott and Victoria explain how they do it.

Episode 27 | EQ

Scott and Victoria discuss the basics of emotional intelligence nad how to raise your “EQ”

Episode 26 | Write Your Book

Vitoria interviews Scott about how to write a book to boost your business. Now’s the time to get started writing yours!

Episode 25 | Haters

Every business owner or entrepreneur or person with a brand who puts themselves out there will attract haters. Victoria and Scott share the best practices for handling them like a pro.

Episode 24 | Personal Brand

Who are you? To your customers and peers, you’re your personal brand, and it’s important that you know what it is!

Episode 23 | Entrepreneur Characteristics

If you have these 3 essential qualities, you can make it as an entrepreneur. If you don’t have them, start cultivating them now!

Episode 22 | Disaster Proofing

When disaster hits, how safe is your business? Scott and Victoria offer tips on insulating your business against catastrophic events.

Episode 21 | Becoming a Leader

Scott and Victoria go over the three basic qualities you need to become a leader. Anyone can do it!

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